Heartbeat Management offers consulting for artists and companies in the creative industries in areas such as:

  • Contract negotiation – Contracts are complex and we’re experienced in reading, understanding and negotiating
  • Band economics – It’s superboring, but holds the key to long term success or immediate failure. Learn the tricks before it’s too late
  • Funding – Denmark offers a lot of possibilities in applying for funding for your creative projects. We help you get an overview and advise you when applying
  • Networking – We help you prepare for music business festivals such as Spot Festival, Reeperbahn, Eurosonic, etc.
  • Setting the team – We help you figure out, which business partners you need, and who would be the best fit
  • Touring & live-setup – We help you in regards of DIY booking, dos and don’ts on tour, crew, tour planning, performance, and “how to tour without losing money”
  • Visual identity – We help you kill your darlings and hence challenge you to build an even better visual identity
  • Strategic career planning – We help you think ahead and draft a strategic career plan
  • Project Management – We offer project management within promotion, release, and tour strategy.

Heatbeat Management also offers workshops and lectures on various subjects within and around the music industry. We’ve been spreading our knowledge, discussed contemporary music business issues and inspired creative people in these fine settings:

Buma Rocks (NL), Glimps Festival (B), Royal Danish Academy of Music, Spot Festival, VIA Multimedia and Storytelling Platform, ORA, Promus, Innovative Music Management, Innovative Artist Academy, and various schools around Denmark.

Feel free to reach out, if you have any specific needs, and we’ll put together a tailor-made and inspiring offer for you. Please contact for more information.